Sunday, October 9, 2011

What have I been doing?

It feels like I've been having a quiet time of it with not much creative stuff to report. However when I loaded some pictures this morning and started to mess around with them a bit it seems I have been a bit productive.
Add into the mix that my little Jbug is now mobile, I have significantly less time to sit at the machine/stand at the table to craft.

My first item to report is a work in progress - my beloved Amy Butler Daisy chain quilt in blues and greens. I have 16 blocks, only 12 shown in mosaic, in total, with a cream border each block will measure 18"x 18". I plan to sash these blocks to give the scrappy log cabins the look of 'floating'. I am lacking inspiration for backing fabric, although I do plan to piece the back as I have plenty of left over strips. Perhaps plain might be the way forward. The quilting ideas for this one is a movable concept. I am thinking hand quilting...cos I am a sucker for the hand quilted look. I won't get to it until at least the end of the week so am trying not to over think it.
When I showed the blocks to my husband, and asked him what he thought. He said OCEAN. That makes me happy as the ocean is one of my very favourite places to be.

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The above block makes me HAPPY. This is the latest in the great Skill Builder Sampler QAL that I have been doing since June ( I think). This is the first of the foundation piecing blocks. And I love it. I think these fabrics work really well in this setting/style. I am feeling a bit of an itch to just make a whole bunch of these and sew them into a quilt...we shall see.

If you are my middle sister, stop reading. Look away now.

This is a little pouch I have made for the nappies and bumwipes and all the little things you always need when you are out..even for just 10 mins. I keep mine always stocked up with a couple of dollars floating around, for emergency coffees of course. Sometimes this is all I take when I leave the house, aside from the baby, as it fits my phone too. It's a handy size to go in your handbag. I found early on that if nappy changing items weren't all together I found myself rifling through nappy bag pockets trying to get all the relevant bits before taking on the task.
Her baby will be here in no time at all so I hope they will use this mini-nappy bag.