'Finished' List;
  1. Playmat for bubby
  2. Double hourglass quilt
  3. Wonky stars
  4. Old fashioned blue stars
  5. Wave quilt for my sister ( not included here)
  6. A play mat and ball for Dangar's newest bubby
  7. Square-in-a-square quilt for the NICU 
  8. A ginormous secret a.k.a king size Dresden Plate scraptacular
  9. Orange and grey and aqua  one for my patient, kind and supportive husband (was going to be a surprise but I'm hopeless with surprises so he already knows) 
  10. String quilt in blues, greens, turquoise - this turned into log cabin quilt from Daisy Chain
  11. Playmat and ball for baby Beatrice - pinks, greens, creams
  12. HST  cool-warm zig zags
  13.  2 x Heather Baily patchwork squares cushions - commission for Lauren
  14. Sherbet Pips tumblers 
  15.  Fenced In quilt for Mikhaila - May 2012
  16. Caleb's quilt - baby strip quilt June 2012

W.I.P list;
  1. Skill builder sampler quilt along in June 2011 - hand quilting in progress
  2. Spiderweb quilt

My to-do list;

  1. Beetle bugs fabric I bought at Sydney Quilt and Craft show from Saffron Craig herself - for my little boy, no rush on this as he won't be in a big boy bed for a little while
  2. Amy Butler lotus??
  3. Swoon? Swoon-a-long?
  4. Solstice stars Fresh Lemons QAL

  1. Queen sized hexagon scrappy madness ( alluded to in this post) begun in March 2011 for our bed - about a quarter pieced (by hand peeps!)
  2. Square in a square quilt with left over American Jane -  about half the blocks finished. About 40 blocks in all.