Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life gets in the way/ A quilt along update

I have fallen a bit behind with my blogging but NOT with the quilt along. I'm not exactly sure where the days are going at the moment but things seem pretty hectic. I am about halfway through hand quilting my daisy chain log cabins and LOVE how it's looking. Hopefully finished in the next week or so.

SBS Block #14 - Crazy quilting. I'm not mad for this style but it was kind of fun and I like this block.

SBS block #15 - Diamond Dash. The first of the foundation pieced blocks. The square-in-a-square were foundation pieced on paper, the rest was done the normal way. I like the technique, I like how it really takes the guesswork/fudging out of it.

SBS Block #16 - Minnesota. Wowsers. This took an age. Fiddly. Lots of wastage. A bit of unpicking. It's hot here today. Too hot to be sewing and ironing. Again, I love how crisp the angles look using this technique although I couldn't imagine making a whole quilt of these blocks!

So there it is. I hope to have a finished quilt in the next week or so. If it cools down enough to continue hand quilting.

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