Sunday, July 15, 2012

Something new

I am so very naughty! This bundle of fabric has been playing on my mind for almost a year. I have been waiting and waiting for just the right inspiration. From the beginning I didn't want to add any other fabrics except for perhaps some solids as I love the understated palette. I have been thinking about Lone Star quilts for ages. I did a mini block as part of the SBS QAL and didn't find it toooo taxing. I also knew that Siobhan had a tutorial for one on her blog.

I got the graph paper and some coloured pencils and started to doodle and calculate.

Then I cut out a gazillion diamonds. My diamands have 4" sides so it's a big lone star but I didn't want to lose the big prints.

My goal is to piece one arm/point per day. I started sewing on Friday. I now have three. Promise. I am on track. I think it looks very cool.

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