Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The first post

Well here I am!

I have been thinking/threatening to do this for a while. Blog that is. I am.

Why? I have recently rediscovered how much I love to make stuff and have also discovered a whole community of crafty bloggers. I would like to be a part of this community that has been providing me with so much motivation and inspiration over the past few months. Above is just one of my WIPs, a hexagon jobby. Big jobby! I will post lots of photos of finished projects as well ones in the works (of which there seems too many, how does this happen?)

Below are snaps of things I love. I live on an island in a river so I love our ferry 'The Sun'. I love the colours of the dories on the beach, we have a pale blue/grey and yellow one 'Princess Buttercup'. I love pink champagne - nothing more to be said about that really. The photos are kind of random but I just picked some ones I liked cos that's what its about isn't it?

My intentions for this blog are;
- to write about the stuff I am making, mostly quilts.
- to get better acquainted with blogland and using this media (or is it medium?).
- to take more and BETTER photos to make this blog look nice (and for my own benefit). I currently rely on my husband for this as I am usually doing while he is snapping. We have some sweet cameras and I intend to start using them!
- to have some fun and sometimes expose expose myself for the queen of the dags that I am!

No big intro as it'll all come out over time.

And that is that.

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