Sunday, July 24, 2011

My First Quilt Along {QAL}

I joined my first quilt along in June here

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I was/am so excited. I am even keeping up to date. Block #1 was a log cabin. I couldn't leave it alone though and turned it into a square within a square block. Who doesn't love a log cabin? My colour/fabric policy for this QAL was to not overthink it. I am just using some fabrics I have picked up along the way just 'cos....just 'cos I like the colours, design and/or feel. So far there is an abundance of blues and greens with some pinks and yellows thrown in for good measure. I'm not entirely sure how (or if??) it'll work together but I figure if I like it then that's really all that matters.

Block #2 was an education in values and itty bitty squares. I really like this 9 patch although it's a good bit darker than my other blocks - - lucky this QAL goes for a whole year so there's loads of time to even up the values and colours.
Block #3, Churn Dash. I felt every second of this block. For a few reasons. First proper go at the dreaded monster-under-my-bed; HSTs. Like all monsters, it had to be faced and the thought of it was worse than the reality. I did however fail to read the instructions properly and ended up with double the number of HSTs. I realised this was NOT the end of the world as HSTs are useful little guys...

...and the 'pinwheel extension' was born. I turned my extra HSTs into my challenge block #1 which I thought was pretty neat. Little did I know the next block would be...

the above beauty - Pinwheel Parade or block #4. All those little triangles! Lots of trimming and crossing of fingers. While she's not a perfect block there was less swearing than I thought there would be although I nearly burnt my fingers off while ironing all those seams this way and that.

This weeks block #5, Arizona. My favourite block so far. Lots of ladies in this QAL have been fussycutting (love that word) their middles and I wanted to have a try. I like it. Again, lots of triangles...I am putting the monster back where it belongs although I don't know that I'll be doing a whole HST quilt any time soon ( not least because I have a whole bunch of other things I should be finishing or doing).

Phew. Now that's up to date.

It's a beauty of a day here on Dangar Island and I've managed to get some snaps of some other things I have made. I will post them shortly.

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