Sunday, May 6, 2012

Keep on making things, keep on making things...

I have been a busy girl. Below is the stack of men's shirts I picked up to recycle.

I spent several hours cutting them into usable pieces, a very satisfying task!

A neater stack, nice and soft. A real departure from my recent bright forays. I have chopped them into smaller squares and have begun to stitch them together into rows to make a very simple patchwork throw. So far I have only used the front panels, leaving sleeves and the large back pieces for another day.

In Color Order HST QAL, this is Mays block. I pressed the seams OPEN on my HSTs for the first time. And what do you know? The block lies flatter. It takes a little more time but I think it's better overall. I just might be converted.

A little rainbow pouch to be posted to my little sister for her birthday this week. It will accompany a much larger gift which is to be hand delivered by my Mum ( is it crazy that I don't trust Australia Post with my quilts?)
And this is the finished product. It is the Fenced In pattern from The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartmann. The pattern came together really quickly. I added some extra borders to give it some real drop on a big queen sized bed.

Some detail - so many super vibrant, busy fabrics in this quilt. It was tough to part with it although I am a little tired of my brights and am looking forward to working with the more subdued palette of blues and shirtings above.

Border and binding detail. Nothing really 'matches' in this quilt but it works for me. I used that Heather Bailey Peony print primarily because I had enough of it, I like the splashes of red. The binding is an awesome herringbone strip in pink. I even took the time to match up the stripes when I made the binding.

Another cushion. Just scraps, this one is more about the quilting design than the piecing and fabrics. I marked diagonal lines after squaring it up, quilted 1/2'' either side of the line in each quadrant in the V shape, then at 1" intervals to create the overall design. Effective!

Last but certainly not least my block #31 for the SBS QAL - Cactus Flower. This block introduced me to inset seams. The instructions on first reading seemed intimidating but once I got down to it it was actually OK. I love how spiky it is.

Have a great week.

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