Friday, September 23, 2011

Big Orangey Man Quilt

I finished the big orangey man quilt yesterday. The quilting was a bit more nightmarish than I had envisaged, the quilt was way bigger than I'd envisaged. I pushed through and am happy with the result. The parallel, diagonal lines are about 3'' apart. I think it took me longer to mark them than to quilt it!! Especially since the pen I used was like invisible ink just 2 days after marking. Grrr.

The 'new' machine is playing up, so I dusted off the old girl and she just powered through the quilting. I wouldn't try anything much bigger than this quilt on this old Janome.

The recipient is happy and proud as punch. It's a super snuggly, but light quilt as it's got a poly cotton batting - the first time I've used this kind.

I used this tutorial by Angela from fussycut
It was a pretty easy quilt to put together once it was all cut out. I am still HOPELESS on the cutting front. I had strips of material all over the shop. As I said before I reduced the size from 5 x 6 blocks, to 4 x 5. Glad I did!

I love the back. Love it. Maybe better than the front??? I had an extra block from when I thought I was going to make the full size and thought to incorporate it into a pieced back. I love the process of bringing my own idea to reality, flying by the seat of my pants quilting you might say.

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