Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stitching the week away

The ginormous secret is on the inside line drying and has been for a few days now. The binding took less than 24 hours which amazed me! I had allowed 4 days for it - considering I have a little bubby to play with as well. What all that means is that I finished it (except for a label) by the 31/8 deadline I was working with in my head. And it feels good.

Finishing something of that scope feels a bit like coming to the end of a good, long book. They become your companion. On Wednesday evening after it was all done I felt a little lost. What to do with my stitchy fingers?

Then I remembered....

...these guys. Long neglected and crumpled up in a tub in amongst my expanding 'sewing things' section. I cracked it out, gave it an iron and without skipping a beat have recommenced the hexies. Initially this was to be a queen sized for our bed but I think I will attach all 39 of the flower thingys I've made and see what I think from there. As usual for me I have an idea about what I want this to be when it grows up but that is very subject to change.

I also finished 20 blocks for this quilt. The pattern calls for 30 blocks but I think that's for a bed sized one. This one is destined for the couch. Specifically my husbands couch. I think 20 blocks are enough. I hope to finish the top over the weekend and pick up some batting, backing fabric and binding next weekend . I had hoped to make this for him for Fathers Day (which is tomorrow here) but it'll be a week or two late.

And that is that.

Once the Dresden Plate quilt is completely dry I will trick someone into helping me take some photos of the final, finished job. I will also talk about how it got to be at all.

Happy weekend.

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