Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Booty

Like all good folks, my birthday is in September. I used to make such a fuss. There'd be a huge build up and then I'd have all my friends and family around me and we would share a meal and good times. Until last year. I turned 36 last year but that wasn't the reason for the change. It was because of my little Jbug. He was still sick in the hospital and I really thought of nothing but him at that time. And so my birthday would have completely passed without a sideways glance if it wasn't for my hubby and family who insisted on dinner and gifts.

This year I felt a bit the same. With less stress and worry of course. When you have a baby it's really no longer about ME. Just another day. Of course it's lovely that people remember and I got loads of lovely messages and calls and heaps of nice things. I am only showing quilty related stuff here, although I got some other very cool stuff. I also got some vouchers (read cashola) for spending on whatever I choose ( I think I will choose Heather Bailey's Popgarden and Bijoux that I spied at the Craft Depot the other week).

My hubby and little boy bought me these 2 sweet books. I can't stop looking at them. I turn the pages and write notes and make plans.

Amy Butler Lotus!!! 1 whole yard of each. What to do? What to do? Am thinking a nice natural/grey linen and then square in a square action. What would you do? I love these fabrics. Love!

My Mum finds the coolest little things. Tape measure and matchy matchy scissors for all your crafty needs. So thoughtful, cute AND useful.

Heather Bailey Popgarden and Bijoux, 8 1/2 yards. So, so pretty. I don't know how I will chop it up. This is the fabric I just had to have ( and I'd ordered it online BEFORE I saw it at the Craft Depot) but really have no plans for it yet.

A special custom bundle of 12, yes 12!! half yards of Amy Butlet Daisy Chain, oh and one aqua sunspots in there too. These are MY colours for sure. Blues, greens, aqua. This is destined for a big bed quilt for me. I'd love to make a string quilt but I really don't have enough fabric so am thinking a wonky, modern take on the log cabin might be the way forward. I am nervous to cut into this bundle too.

So that's the birthday far. I received some cash as well and I intend to spend at least some of it on fabric - which I don't need AT ALL.

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