Monday, January 16, 2012

Skill Builder Sampler Quilt Along

Block 23 - Drunkard's Path - YAY!!!

I started out with the 6.5" sub-blocks. This QAL is fantastic as we are taught to make our own templates and everything. I liked making this block and it didn't take that long soooooo I decided to have a go at the 3.5" blocks....all 16 of them...

This is how 16 little Drunkard's Path blockettes look. Pinning madness. A fair amount of unpicking madness too. This is NOT the type of thing to attempt late on a Sunday arvo after having had a house full of guests for days and days and a really whiny, tired baby.
Despite the rushing and not squaring up it came out OK. These tight curves are a nightmare to sew but I did it and that feels pretty good. It's all about persistence as Elmo would say.

My two Drunkard's Path blocks. I am SUCH a teacher's pet.

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