Sunday, September 16, 2012

How Far Will You Go? Quilt Along update

I am so behind in my blogging that I don't really know where to begin. Here is a quick update on my quilting along. I am actually up to date and have been good at posting to flickr but not here for...the main reason is 2 years old. As the weather warms up here I tend to do my sewing in the early mornings when he is happiest to play around me, and when he's asleep. The rest of the days are spent in the park or at the beach trying to wear the little tyke out with good old fashioned fresh air and exercise.


Week 5 block - Jack in the box x 2. I like the brown one as the black gives enough contrast. The blue one is a bit bleh. It's not a fuzzy image, that's just the way it looks. Bleh

The blocks all together after week 6! It's coming together. I love how loud and hectic this quilt is looking! I am not even remotely interested in taming it one little bit.

 Week 6 block - Windblown square x 3. Love these ones, especially the red. I am starting to think outside the square with my background colours!

Week 7 block - Another star (great name for a block??!) x 1. I am really happy with this block, although if I did it again I'd change out the green print in the centre square for something that contrasted better with the background fabric.

Week 8 block - Seesaw x 4. How cute are these blocks? Fiddly and little but so satisfying.

And that's that up to date.

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