Thursday, August 30, 2012

This and that

I am procrastinating. And so I am making loads of little things that I needn't really be making. I am getting icy cold feet about the market stall and so haven't really done any more sewing for that. Ever since the insurance broker (for public liability) asked me to estimate my turnover. My goal was never to make money but I reckon there's a chance it'll end up costing which is counterproductive. Time + Energy + Money to make NO money just doesn't make sense. Even to me. And I scared to death that a)no one will buy anything, b) that no one will like my things and c) that people will make fun of me. So while I have all that going on in my head and NOT DOING anything about it this is what I have been doing this past week or so.

Some gifts for a daughter of a dear friend of ours. A little basket/bag. It measures 16" wide, 12" deep with a 4" gusset/base. Initially it looked like a giant tote but she is such a petite little thing she would have been tripping it over. The bottom of the tote with its already boxed base got turned into a basket of sorts.

Her favourite colour is blue. I haven't heard whether she likes it or not but it'll be a great little tote for her to take to the beach.

A little purse I made for her as well.

Pickledish trial block cushion. I love this quilt on the cover of Australian Quilters Companion and  used the pattern from the book. I made the templates and everything. It actually turned out nicely and not so difficult although quite time consuming. The big quilt on the cards? Hmmm, maybe.

And I got the Noodlehead 241 bag pattern this week. I had to make one instantly. The centre panels are scrappy scraps that I pieced together. I used cotton batting, also scraps that had to be pieced together. There is a zip pocket in the lining ( not in the pattern) which is a recycled cushion cover. The side panels are the softest linen from an old pair of pants. the handle some doubled over cotton drill I had lying around. This is one cute, great sized little bag. It makes me happy to sling it over my shoulder and go for a walk. AND the strap fits perfectly over the stroller handles. BONUS!

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