Thursday, August 23, 2012

The hexie post

Indulge me here. Anyone who has made any hexie project knows that they are a labour of true love. I am proud as punch of this little cushion. It is MY MY MY MY cushion. My special cushion.

 Initially I thought that the hexies would become a pouch for more hexie-type projects but I couldn't stop. And it was a crazy weird shape. I kept on making them and making them and joining them up. And making some more. The fact that I was more or less couch-bound following a knee arthroscopy to have some troublesome cartilage removed might have something to do with its size. May I present to you, MY hexie cushion.

The hexagons are all English paper pieced, then hand joined. The sides are 3/4". It is made entirely of scraps from other projects and an old shirt! The back is also a couple of pieces of an old cotton shirt, lovely and soft. The only machine stitching in this pillow is to hold the whole thing together AND I had to make a custom filler as it's a weird shape.

I hand quilted it in coordinating Perle cotton. A lovely excuse to treble my colour collection. I love this stuff. I began quilting it without the blue background as it was going to be something else. When I realised it wanted to be MY cushion I made funny looking piece that poked under an ample amount and hand appliqued it down. I then continued with my quilting, outlining the whole shebang in red (colour #666 for your info).

Close up of piecing and quilting and plumpy cushion goodness.

More gratuitous close ups of quilting and glorious, riotous colour!

My cushion. The end.

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