Thursday, August 23, 2012

A compelling need to be making

I love to make things. I love to make things to gift to others and I love to make things just because.

This is a bad photo of a cute quilt.I used this tutorial. I had an awful time laying out the blocks much to my husbands mirth.
This is one of the items I hope to sell, or at least use as a sample at the Spring Fair (although finances might hinder my ability to participate this year). I have since made another simple patchwork with a more girly theme. Neither are quilted, nor indeed basted as I AM OUT OF BATTING. I will just have to go the quilt supplies shop and buy some....and a few other bits and bobs.

I made myself a patchwork bag prototype.
And while I do love it there are a few things I would do differently if I made another. My sister requested a 'patchwork bag just like yours' for her birthday.

The things I did differently;
1. Attached the handles the full length of the bag to give extra strength and durability. These handles might be a tad too long but she can always adjust them.
2. The handles are made from a  double layer of quilting cotton and a double layer of a cotton drill. They feel super sturdy and give the bag a nice weight.
3. I mad the blocks then quilted them. The quilt as you go method looks awesome but is time consuming. I am time poor.
4. There is an outside pocket between the handle straps. I always like an outside pocket for a drink bottle ( for baby or me).
5. I increased the size of the interior zip pocket. Mine is just enough for my phone. This one is big enough for phone, wallet, keys. I used an 8" zip.
6. It's not quite as wide or long, but it is deeper. This one is roughly 16" x 19" x 4". Perhaps still a little too long. I find with mine if I am holding the handles in one hand I can't actually reach the bottom of the bag with the other to seek out those annoying, sinking items like pens and keys.

To the bag.

Side A. There isn't really a front and a back, although this would have been the back. I didn't make a decision of the exterior pocket until AFTER I attached the handles to what should have been the back. No way was I unpicking this sucker.

Side B with pocket attached. Perhaps not so clear in the photo. Pocket is blue and white horizontal stripe with green dot at the top.

The inside is lined with an old cushion cover ( I really don't want to go into this expensive and ill fitting, although well intentioned story). Pretty cute.

I am very happy with this bag. While there is always some tweaking to be done I hope it hits the mark with my sis.

And a little zippy pouch made from a beautiful Kaffe Fassett print. I just hand quilted it in organic straight lines with a lilac perle cotton.

Cute little pouch.
I posted that yesterday. I hope she gets it today.
I won't publish this til she receives it.
She got it and she loves it.

In lonestar news, the top is together. Considering I didn't use a pattern at all and that I made it all up as I went along I am STOKED with how this looks!

Just need to get some batting although I am considering using flannel and making it a couch cover. Not sure how that would go with my chunky thread, needle and fingers.

My Lotus Lonestar!
A little embroidery project. This is taking a long time although I am enjoying the process. It is a sweet little design I copied (by hand) from a  Better Homes & Gardens kit project. I am getting into embroidery, in particular a goal is to make a Mexican Boho blouse/dress. More soon.

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