Saturday, August 18, 2012

The post with no name

I am just going to dive right in as I have several weeks worth of makings to catch up on.

This is a super soft bunny I made for my niece Beatrice. I used the pattern from Sandi Henderson's book 'Sewing Bits and Pieces'. It came together pretty quickly and I love how it turned out.

Bunny on a chair.

Week 2 of the How Far Will You Go QAL - weathervane. This one required some concentration and perseverance. I ended up unpicking and redoing it as it really looked bad. Any time there are instructions with 7/8" measurements my brain just freezes up. It does NOT feel natural to be adding those kinds of fractions. I try to think in eighths of inches but I am a true blue metric girl at heart and I struggle. Halves and quarters? No biggy. Seven eighths's. eek!

The above 3 blocks are for week 3 of the HFWYG QAL. The block is called 'pieced star' and are 10" blocks. Scrappy and fun.

And lastly, this is the August block for In Color Order's HST BOM. Can't believe I have 8 blocks for this one already!

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