Saturday, August 13, 2011

QAL progress

The skill builder sampler quilt along block is posted on a Friday, US time. That means it appears sometime in the dead of night here on the east coast of Australia. Realistically this translates into Saturday morning before anything can be done! I so look forward to the weekly tutorial, choosing my fabrics and building my blocks. I have noticed that I am always in the first wave of photos posted to flickr for the weekly block.
It's true I am especially keen. It's not unusual for me to check the blog for that weeks block in the small hours - I am up with my little guy at some point anyway. After I take care of the Saturday morning essentials it's what I do first. I have even convinced my Mum to join in, I print out and send the instructions to her each week. We keep each other up to date with our progress via texts and photo messages.

This weeks block, or block #7 is Virginia Star made with flying geese points.

I had a small epiphany this morning. One could hear the cogs shifting into place. I have belly ached about the cutting process and how much I hate it. I think a part of the reason I was struggling with cutting was it takes ages and then you sew it all up and end up having to trim the hell out of everything anyway. The tutorial for this block was for the no-trim variety of flying geese. This makes VJ happy ;) Although it took a while to cut the fabric (plus my little boy is teething and is very, very needy) it was worth it as my points are...pointy! And that would be the point (I kill me!).
**I have a little sleep deprived delirium today**
I'm not saying I am over my cutting issues but I believe I am getting there.

1. HST practice block, 2. SBS #7 - Arizona Star, 3. SBS Block #6 - Bow Tie, 4. SBS Block #5 - Arizona, 5. SBS - Block #4 Pinwheel parade, 6. SBS - Challenge Block (Month 1), 7. SBS # 3 - Churn dash, 8. SBS Block #1 - Log Cabin, 9. SBS Block #2 - Value 9 Patch

The other thing I have managed to do this morning is make a mosaic of my blocks. Now this looks very tricksy and somewhat professional but is a cinch. But I am pleased to have taught myself to do another clever techinological (deliberate misspell) bit of business.
There is an extra block in the mosaic,top left, partly to make up the numbers and partly for me to practice my HSTs. I was pretty happy with it.
I hope to get some other quilty business taken care of but I'm not making any promises.

Have an awesome weekend. X X

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