Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sunday blogging...on a Saturday

I like to blog on a Sunday afternoon. I can recap on the week that has been. My hubby bowls (that's lawn bowls) on a Sunday arvo but this week as rain is forecast they shifted it to today. This is very social bowling mind you. The kind where you drink beers and hang out with your mates mostly. Now that I write that down that is what guys do isn't it? So that's why I'm blogging on a Saturday.
I have a few WIPs to share and a new (I knew this would happen) project that I started up. Mostly I have been working on the 'ginormous secret project' and trying to get it to a point where I can see the end...

Soooo...the plan is to make my long suffering husband his very own couch quilt. He loves to have a quilt on him. He'd rather a quilt than put on more warmer clothes! My vision was for grey and orange with some white or cream thrown in. I was foggy at best as to design until I saw this quilt
by Angela from Fussy Cut. I have coveted the pattern since I first saw this beauty . Now there is a pattern!!! Despite being up to my eyeballs in ongoing and unfinished quilty business I knew I had to begin IMMEDIATELY! And so it began with some chopping of the collected oranges and greys to start getting a feel for it.

I have an attitude problem when it comes to cutting. I can get my head around all other parts of the quilting process, sewing, trimming, pressing, even basting, quilting. Cutting seems to take sooooooooooo long. What am I doing wrong? I am working on my attitude and trying to get my head around to thinking that cutting is just another step. An answer would be kits but I love the freedom of choosing fabrics and tweaking patterns and directions to suit my needs. So I'll just have to woman up and continue to cut. I have made 6 blocks so far and am very happy with them. They are pretty big guys - 14" x 16" and I only need thirty to make me a quilt. But looking at these super great blocks I am thinking I am going to bring in some colour - maybe some greens and aquas... this. I think it works although I am not 100% sure. Will sleep on it I reckon. Clearly I do not have enough fabric to make the whole quilt. This is the way that I roll. Probably not very efficient but I cut the fabric for the blocks as I go. I will buy more fabric as I go. I'll probably end up with the whole quilt top in the shop with me to match up for backing fabric. This has happened before.
A sneekity peek at the ginormous secret project - pretty obvious what that is. It sure is a pretty scraptapular quilt.

This certainly isn't the greatest photo ever but this is my Skill Builder Sampler QAL. This week there was no set block but I really wanted to practice some HSTs so top row second from right is a pretty star I made this morning to go with all the other blocks. I love it. Like the bow ties block I think I'd love a whole quilt made of these stars. I look at all the colour and movement on this quilt and wonder how I am to quilt it. I am not a free motion quilter. Maybe I could become one. At this point I am thinking coloured perle cottons and echo quilting. I have plenty of time to consider this conundrum.

It's my little boys birthday this week and we have a bit on so I may not get to craft and blogging but I will have a special birthday blog with his birth story. Not for the fainthearted.

I now have a special page for my lists that I will update as time goes on. Lists in evolution is perhaps a better title for that page.

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