Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Pics Old Quilts ( A self indulgent post)

I have a bit of a Goldilocks thing going on with getting decent images of my quilts. Too rainy and overcast, too windy or too sunny and bright. Never really just right.

I have been meaning to get better photos of the two quilts that live on our bed these days. Today started out so beautifully. We packed the bubba into the stroller and headed to the cafe for a coffee and for me to shoot some quilts on the wharf. It was still pretty bright but they're better than any previous attempts by a long shot.

I have called this Bright Stars for want of a more imaginative title. Hand quilted in Pearl 8 cotton. 6" Piano key border.Scrappy binding.

It is made up of so many wonderful fabrics; Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, lots of Heather Bailey, Jennifer Paganelli plus some other odds and sods.
It looked quite chaotic in the early stages with all that colour and pattern everywhere. I think it works. I even used purple. It's kind of my signature to NOT use purple but I tried this time and I think I like it. My only regret was not making it one row bigger. It is 6 x 5 star blocks, it could have been 6 x 6 as there's not much overhang on the bed.

 The Ocean Quilt. This one is so hard to photograph. A combination of it's size, a generous queen (each block was squared up to 20' and sashing and borders an extra 2.5") and all the white make this baby a nightmare. I love it. I love the colours. I love the ocean. I love my ocean quilt. Is it weird to love something so much that you made yourself?

 The back is a bit ugly to be fair. If i had my time again this quilt would be backed with panels of solid. There's a lot of hand quilting and it gets lost in all the busy-ness.
I love these Amy Butler fabrics. They are so vibrant and fun. I am itching to get my hands on some Lark and Gypsy - hint hint hubby if you're reading this.

Another reason for revisiting these quilts is I have got up the gumption to submit these babies to the Fresh Modern Quilts Flickr administrator. Now I must play the waiting game. The quilts on this site blow my mind so it would doubly blow my mind to be accepted. Anxiety levels rising..... I GOT ON I GOT ON I GOT ON. Where to from here? I am dizzy with this small success.

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