Monday, April 23, 2012

Quilting along x 2

I have joined a new quilt along! It's a half square triangle block of the month quilt along hosted by In Color Order, I was sold as soon as I read that it was suitable for a layer cake. I have had a layer cake of Moda's Le Petite Poulet for almost a year and this seemed a good thing to do with it. Each month for a year there is to be a new HST block, at the end I will have 12 blocks to make a little quilt.

So, in no particular order...

These are my blocks so far, I especially love that star block. I am up to date awaiting Mays block.

The Skill Builder Sampler is nearing completion, with just 6 blocks to go. I have started thinking about sashing and layout etc and even bought some fabric for just this purpose.

This month was all about irregular shapes, some of which posed quite a challenge to me.
Block #28 - Tumblers. I have made a tumbler quilt before so this was fun. It's not quite square - oops. This is where my cunning sashing plans will come into play.
Block #29 - Apple core. Holy moly! This took forever. The template making. The tracing and cutting. The pinning, oh, the pinning and then the stitching. It paid off though, my block lies nice and flat. I deliberately chose busy fabrics to hide any sins should I commit them. As it turns out it wasn't needed as it all worked out and now I'm a bit sorry as all the other blocks on flickr look awesome. You'd think I'd have learnt by now!
Block #30 - Equilateral triangles. Wow! This looked easy enough. Wrong. I lost some points and in one of the rows seams don't match up. I thought I'd like to make a triangle quilt but it's harder than it looks. A hot tip I got from the flickr group is to press seams open. I will try it next time for sure.

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